Media Kit

A new radio syndication program that features Classic Artists from Rock, Pop, and Soul. Many of these Artists were among your favorites and were a part of your record, cassette or 8-track music collection. We’ll feature new material by these musicians who filled the Concert Halls, Arenas and Stadiums of yesteryear. On our adventure, we’ll also take you back so you can relive the songs that made them the top artists in the world. Each week Classic Artists Today© also informs listeners on Classic Artists who are currently on the “charts.”

The time has come for change! The Baby Boomers are one of the most powerful consumer groups today. The “full speed ahead” and “pedal to the metal” world has totally consumed their lives for the past 20+ years. Classic Rock radio fills a niche in their lives…but they are ready for something new! Something that is new- yet has strong ties to their past carefree days. This 1-hour syndicated weekly music show will draw the demographics that have the buying power! Classic Artists Today© attracts the advertisers and listeners you are looking to reach!!

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