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Classic Artist of the Month

Robin Trower

Robin Trower started his international climb to stardom as guitarist for the progressive rock band, Procol Harum - joining in 1967.  With this band he recorded six studio albums, through 1971.  In the early 1990's Robin also reunited with the band for a couple recordings.

Robin launched his power trio band in1973, and was awarded Gold Records for his first 5 studio albums.  Trower has constantly released new projects throughout the years.  His latest, "Something Is About To Change," was released on his 70th birthday with several songs having the lyrical and rhythmic qualities of his early releases.  In addition, Robin's love and passion for the blues can be heard.   Be sure to tune-in to our interview with Robin Trower airing on the CAT© , and on Coool CAT©, starting on June 22nd.  All right here on Classic Artists Today©


C.A.T. News

Barenaked Ladies


Many of your favorite "Classic" artists have had CD's come your way!   Here's a few releases to check out: Indigo Girls - "One Lost Day," SImply Red - "Big Love,"  Barenaked Ladies - "Silverball", Chris Stamey - "Euphoria," Andy Pratt - "Do You Remember Me?,"  Pete Townsend - "Classic Quaddrophenia," Everclear - "Black Is The New Black,"  James Taylor - "Before This World," and Neil Schon - "Vortex," just to name a few!!

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Classic Artists Today

The CAT's Puurfect 10

  1. Foo Fighters - Congregation
  2. U2 - Song For Someone
  3. Robin Trower - Riff No. 7 (Still Alive)
  4. James Taylor - Today, Today, Today
  5. Chrissie Hynde - A Plan Too Far
  6. Annie Lennox - I Put A Spell On You
  7. Kid Rock - First Kiss
  8. Tom Petty - Somewhere Under Heaven
  9. Billy Idol - Can't Break Me Down
  10. Bachman (Guess Who/BTO) - The Edge

Deep Purple